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Cameroon has a very rich and unique cultural diversity, with more than 200 ethnic groups and languages, often expressed in amazing ways in everyday life; and demand for local content is on the rise both locally and internationally however this diversity brings along several barriers to national integration.

Kamer Expression is an initiative by ACAFEMMI to promote the artistic expressions of Cameroonians in all forms and media, to carryout research and disseminate information and to promote the employment and well-being of artists and other persons in the arts, entertainment and multimedia content production industries as a means to promote national integration, peace and positive values. (Unity In Diversity)
In our system, Artists and Content producers remain independent, yet collectively constitute a formal entity acting as an umbrella for sustainable activity.


Our pilot project, the number one entertainment news website in Cameroon, dedicated to providing up-to-date, reliable information and news on music, movies, fashion, comedy, events and projects of the arts and entertainment genres in Cameroon.
 Our target is to expose Cameroonian content to a global audience while maintaining its Cameroonian Heritage. The website and its counterpart social media platforms, Facebook, twitter and YouTube, gets more than 10 000 visits each month, and publishes articles from all regions in Cameroon. Our goal is to become the number one reference site both locally and internationally for reliable Cameroonian entertainment content and news.
 We act as an agency finding gigs for artists and helping those who need artists’ services to hire artists for them
We assist artists to plan, develop, manage and audit Artists and entertainment projects for effective execution and maximum results. Through our partners we find affordable solutions for the production, marketing and sales of art and multimedia products & services
We organize and manage entertainment and associate events of all sorts ranging from concerts, to parties, festivals etc.


1.      To Fans of Cameroon Entertainment 
  •  Get the best content and artists services at affordable prices on time and at convenience 
            2.      To Artists and Content Providers
  • Gain exposure and build fan base
  • Build reliable customer relationship, gain street credibility and reputation
  • A stable and trusted system to formalize the activities of artists and content providers
  • Cheaper, reliable and effective means of production and Promotion and sales
  • Profit from sales and gigs
  • We love what we do and we have the best interest of the artist and their fans at heart  
3. To The Cameroonian Economy
  • Increased consumption of local products will boost the economy
  • Marketing our culture will help to preserve our heritage from being completely wiped out by already established and highly funded international cultures
  • Local Content and artists can be used as far more effective means for transmitting information, knowledge and raising awareness or call to actions of  Cameroonians on issues that affect us  
 4. To The World
  •  Preserves the worlds cultural diversity and ecosystem by strengthening local initiatives
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