Tomorrow by 12:00 mid day, I will be bringing to you the journey of the above mentioned gurus in showbiz.
I will be educating you how they transit into Excellence .
From the days of their little beginings to today where they can proudly say we are making it big time.
Stay tuned ,alot of vibe load . As far as this four are concerned, a paragdim shift from left to right,a disruptive one has been caused in kamer showbiz. Let me sip my wine as I bring to you the disruptive unaided piece.

Labi,the one with an irresistible tone
Nji Melodie, the over doer
Jahiem C TIKU, the guy with the golden voice and spirit of lyrics residing in him
Nash Enjel, my Nash, the most disruptive female comedian, a multi talented female who is bridging the Gap
Brought to you by the No Nonsense Nic Jience. I draw my inspiration from Don Atia, over and out!
Snout out to my lil Bertila Kibong, I doing a great job. Me heart u
Insha Allah 237 showbiz

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