Profile: Meet Vicky Ngamsha - the revolutionary Cameroonian musician and social activist

She comes from one of the poorest West African families. Born into a family of ten. Tragically, death snatched the lives of six of her brothers and sisters including twins. At the age of 6, she witnessed her malnourished baby sister Gysela dying in mother’s arms at their home as mother could not afford nutritious food to save her from malnutrition as well as pay for her hospital bills.
She was marginalized as her mother was accused of witch craft. At he age of 9, she witnessed someone push her mother into a grave and insisted that she be buried alive with the corps since she was accused of being a witch. 

In an interview she reveals 

" Although I was just a kid I had to learn how to comfort her and had no choice than to look after my mother. She was all I had and I was everything she had at that moment as my daddy had long disappeared from our home and the community rejected her after the death of my sister ( who suffered malnutrition). When Gisela died, gossip spread rapidly that my mother had sold her baby (my baby sister) to the witches in exchange for insects called locusts.

Locusts came in their millions and consumed most of the crops on Nso land that same year. The community believed so much in Witch craft and it was the talk of the entire Nso community. They sang mother’s name in songs and this was the talk of every household in our land. My elder sister was 10 and I was 8 years old when we were both abused by a neighbor at different times. At the age of 15 a 70 year old man dragged me into the forest and in his attempt to rape and take my life, some hunters saved my life"
Allot has happened in her life, and today she moves around the world sharing her story and experience through music, mortivational speaking and community development projects. She is currently working on an autobiography which will be published soon in hopes to inspire more people.
" I am passionate about helping businesses, young people and individuals to refrain from limiting beliefs, negative thinking and work towards their dreams in life. It is possible; if I can do it then you can do it. My Mission is to reach out to the world, touching the hearts of those demoralised, to motivate and inspire them with practical and personal examples of true life stories."
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