Exclusive Interview: How I got the name Shey Ductu

In Cameroon, we are used to having artist names, like Jovi, Locko, X Malaya, etc but when you hear the name Shey Ductu, it doesn’t sound like young and swag. Why would a 25 year old, young man, chose such a name as his artist name? 

In an exclusive interview with Cameroon Bloggers Forum, Bamenda based Artist, reveals why he is called Shey Ductu.

“ when I started music in 2008 – 2009 I was called Street Jay. Translating to Jay from the Streets. The name was welcomed by the younger generation because it represented them but throughout I felt like it never represented me. Between 2012 and 2015, I put my music career on backstage because of education and other responsibilities. In 2013, when I left the university of Yaounde I, I decided to return to my home town and there  I launched an NGO called Ductu Foundation. (Ductu being Latin word for guidance or leadership) the organization has as objective to provide guidance and orientation to young people as concerned behavior, education and employment.

While at Kumbo, I was also employed by International University of Bamenda, Kumbo Campus, and my Boss Dr Amenu loved the concept of my organization, so from time to time he would pass by the office to see how I and my friends were fairing.

In Banso land, a noble man is often given the title of Shey by the Fon. However in my case the Fon did not. My boss decided to call me Shey Wo Ductu Foundation. (Meaning the noble man of Ductu Foundation) and after sometime the name reduced to Shey Ductu, and other close friends welcomed, the name. it became so natural that in 2015 when I decided to do a musical comeback with my Album 50Fifty, I decided to honor my community by accepting the name Shey Ductu.

When people ask me my artist name and I say Shey Ductu, they are surprised, some ask me if I have never heard of names like Mickael Jackson, and etc, and I often reply them, I proud of the name my community has given me and if I work hard, get a little fame and money lol, the name will be as easy to pronounce as any other name.
Click below to listen to feeling Good By Shey Ductu

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