Video: Don Crazy Features Emma Mimba in Check Ma Swag Remix

Emma Mimba is a young Cameroonian who is well known for his successful soccer career and remarkable rap skills. He dedicated the most part of his life developing his football career but this didn't stop him from keeping up with his passion for music. He is well known for his freestyle videos on YouTube and Facebook. Emma Mimba has finally decided to kick off his music career by jumping on the remix of street anthem 'Check Ma Swag' by Don Crozzy while preparing for the release of his debut EP titled 'The thing Be start Like Play' under his newly created label 'The Fame'.

'Swag' is a very common term amongst youths which refers to looks and style. The song "Check Ma Swag' looks at the term 'swag' from a completely unusual perspective, making reference to some fun childhood experiences which we all have been through. 'Check Ma Swag' expresses 'Swag' in a manner which you least expect in a language you can best understand. Its accompanied by an afro Hip Hop instrumental with a purely 'Mboko' feel suitable for the club. 'Check Ma Swag' is produced by Geega a.k.a Beationary and is released with an amazing video directed by Chuzih Dadido

Watch and enjoy the product of Cameroonian Creativity:

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