Vibes: When Design Meets Photography - Photo Album By Bine Moukouri and Njikeng Asonganyi

The role of graphic designers and photographers in the growth of the 237 entertainment industry be it in fashion, movies, music, blogging etc cannot be overemphasized. Kamer graphic designer Bine Moukouri collaborates with Kamer photographer Njikeng Asonganyi for the creation of a unique and peculiar album “When Design Meets Photography”. A merger of both skills; this album is a highlight of societal motivational mottos aimed as acting as a mind trigger for the everyday person. Each picture depicts a unique theme, distinct in its form of art:

• Picture 1: “You Are Your Worst Enemy”
• Picture 2: “Discovering What You Can Do, What You Were Afraid To Do”
• Picture 3: “Never Let Anyone Define You”
• Picture 4: “Everything You Imagine Is Real”

To keep in touch: Facebook: Bine Moukouri – Njikeng Asonganyi, Twitter: @BineMoukouri – @AsonganyiBTR, Facebook Page: Bine Moukouri, Digital portfolio: Bine Moukouri

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