Music: Feelyxngz Gospel Band - The Rising Voices of Jazz in Cameroon

The Feelyxngz Gospel Band is a registered group by the Ministry of Arts and Culture; they are made up of young talented individuals with a heart for the gospel and work with the vision to project a new taste of music. They are based in Buea and rapidly by God’s grace making impact.

They happen to be the Only Jazz music oriented Band in the South West region and are causing an impact on the music scene in Cameroon. This can be seen evident in the fact that during the Jazz festival of 2015 and 2016, they were the only band that honored this event in the region and were congratulated by UNESCO. They have a wonderful team made up of Dynamic singers and instrumentalist with a young, vibrant but professional touch.

The band is headed by Ronnel Valerie a dynamic musician, instrumentalist and vocal coach. Here is the official Theme song for the 2016 Feelyxngz jazz festival on international jazz Day titled Jazz Is Freedom. In this song, there is a flow of emotions from a bitter end of slavery to the rejoicing of freedom. This piece cuts across genres, expressing the cultural diversity and portrays jazz as a universal language of peace.

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CONTACTS: 6789311692, 674952931
Twitter: @feelyxngzband,
Facebook: Feelyxngz Gospel Band
instagram: @feelyxngzband

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