Exclusive: Meet Calvino Wallang - The Energetic Cameroonian Stand Up Comedian

 Born on September 14, 1993, Calvino Wallang also known as MC Calvino is a young and energetic comedian born in Wum, the capital of the Menchum Division in the North West Region of Cameroon. MC Calvino attended his primary school in Government Bilingual Primary School Souza-Gare a small locality outskirts of Douala economic capital of Cameroon, he then moved to Government Technical High School in Buea, later moved to Government Technical High School Wum and then to Government Technical High School Kumba, a commercial city in the South West Region of Cameroon, where he studied forestry engineering. Fell in love with communication and social networks, he decided to divert his studies from technical  to studying journalism and mass communication at the University of Buea.

MC Calvino started off in Kumba as a TV/Radio presenter and Show host. He later moved to Buea where he started making funny videos and posting them on the internet and this earned him some attention from the Cameroonian population in the Diaspora. This did not only draw his attention but inspired him to become the comedian he is today.

With his slogan Idilaf which can be translated as I'm laughing; not a plain laughter though, but a satirical and a mockery laughter which pinches the bones of his victims. 237 Comedy, MC Calvino's first audio Comedy skit was released in August 2015 which expanded his fan base to over 11,000 followers on facebook and since then MC Calvino has released quite a good number of works.
MC Calvino will put you at ease, lighten you up, draw you expectantly close and then throw you back on the floor with laughter.

MC Calvino’s style is quite unique, in that the audience becomes very relaxed the moment he takes on the mic.  His warm delivery puts the audience in the palm of his hand, and the laughs flow.  By bringing his everyday observations to light, you’ll feel as though you have known him your whole life.

MC Calvino’s comedy has a hilarious intelligent combination of some of our everyday scenarios which you will never think they are funny until MC Calvino tells you his own experience.
This exceptionally natural approach to Comedy leaves the audience sore from laughing out at their own misfortunes. 

MC Calvino has performed in some major cities in the country alongside Cameroon’s best English speaking Comedians and has appeared on the Laugh Therapy Comedy show, the Buea LOL Comedy show, the Oboy Comedy Show and on the Gordons in Cameroon comedy clinic show.
He has been heard on radio including Ocean City Radio Kumba, Chariot Radio Buea, Revival Gospel Radio Buea and Mediafrik radio Buea.  He has been featured on the popular Miss P Show broadcast nationwide on several networks and recently on the Monday Show broadcast on the Cameroon National Television, CRTV.

With his optimistic attitude, original delivery and talented gift for comedy, you should definitely see MC Calvino now, before he becomes too famous to see anybody.

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Facebook: MC Calvino
Instagram: @mccalvinow
Twitter : @mccalvinow
SnapChat: @mccalvinow


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