Profile: AYISSI NGA Joseph Marie, Founder of Wazal Fashion

There’s a satisfactory feeling a designer gets when he’s able to see his concepts materialize into unique fabrics and designs soothing to the skin. Wazal couture and his team focus on the creation of wears that style up and beautify the everyday person.

AYISSI NGA Joseph Marie is a French citizen of Cameroonian origin born on February 3, 1984 at Yaounde Cameroon. From his early age, AYISSI Joseph got buried into the world of fashion by his late father, AYISSI NGA Pierre Célestin a renowned tailor in the 80s.
He let his passion live on and in the year 2005 while in Paris France, he launched his brand Wazal. Mentored by renowned designer Imane AYISSI, Joseph was persuaded into enrolling at the VANESSA RUIZ Fashion School in Paris specialized in tuxedo jackets. With only a self-taught mastery in fashion, this course helped mold and curve out the expertise of this upcoming Cameroonian designer.
Wazal Couture’s fashion universe expresses a constant search for fabrics, styles and creativity. It is a blend of multiple colors like black, orange, blue, ecru and various others. Jean AYISSI works often with cotton, fleece, denim, wax, the Milano, leather and synthetic fur under various grounds.
In 2013 he launched his brand “Braguette Tété” alongside “WazalRock” and “Africafutur” showcased at the « Elysée Lounge Night in Paris » at the Cameroon Embassy,  that celebrated the
Cameroonian youth day presided over by the Cameroonian ambassador to France. Through the year 2015 to 2016, Joseph AYISSI brought to the lime light his designs via various platforms like the designers evening at Rouen during the « Talents Aiguilles » show and on the Anggy HAIF arena for a fashion show where he exhibited his new collection “Ova Tété”.
Joseph AYISSI has held on to his passion for fashion for several years and he is presently a designer to reckon within the world of fashion. Actually, working on his female brand Wazallione, this creative designer still believes in the strength of his line and the satisfaction he derives from clothing the everyday person.
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