Video:General Valsero transmits his motion of support to the Youth and Peoples of Cameroon in a song titled Motion de soutien

Valsero has been away for some time and is known for producing music that often pushes forward for some form of reform, from advising young people to vote, to criticizing the leadership of the current Cameroonian President Mr Paul Biya, Valsero has decided to come with another song that touches the very heart of issues in Cameroon:

The song, titled Motion De Soutien, talks heavily about the past 33 in

Cameroon and the video is quite explicit with images that making shocking revelations about the situation in Cameroon for the past 33 years.

The title and lyrics of the song seems to be a paradox kind of mockery or sarcasm for the popular motions of support often offered by CPDM Political Millitants in Cameroon, asking the President to remain in power, but Valsero says its rather a motion of support for the young who have been suffering in Cameroon for the past 33 years. Its worth noting that the current president of Cameroon has ruled for the past 33 years.

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