Event: Bui Music Awards - Encouraging talent at the grassroots

December  2016: This year, the 2nd  edition annual award for  Bui musicians will take place in Kumbo. The awards is the vision of a local music promoter (Abdoul Shiyla),  who wants to give Artists in the Bui division the opportunity to share their talents  and gain recognition for their work.

‘Last year was very successful…we didn’t expect it to go so perfectly!’Abdoul Shiyla told us.

There were 8 different categories and winners were selected by a committee who work with Plage Entertainment Group. The group is promoting Nso artists across Cameroon and also linking them to the music  scene in South Africa. 

‘Next year we want to make the event bigger and involve more sponsors.’
In the future,  Abdoul Shiyla also wants   that there  should be a social media vote to involve the public move. Self-Reliance Cameroon (SeReP) is helping to promote this great new initiative that is encouraging local creativity.
‘We want the artists to work hard and show them that we are firmly behind them.’

Chilli: Winner of Best female act 2015
Abdoul (Left) and chairman of Self Reliance NGO (Right)

For more information contact
The Promoter at
Facebook Page: Bui Music Awards

Written by SeReP volunteer Lizzie Danford

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