Profile: BONZYZ-Releases His New Single "Town Crier"

The inspiration behind "Town Crier" came as a way of giving hope to those out there with skills and talents yet to be noticed, consumed or appreciated and encouraging young people working hard in all fields of life not to relent. Someone out there watches.”Town Crier “also came as a channel for me to sell the Cameroonian culture, genre and identify at a time when it's fast eroding. We talk of American Hip Hop, Old or new school rap and it represents America. So "Town Crier” was to come out with an art and a flow that is Cameroons. We need to embrace and be proud of our identity, originality and cultural heritage." Town Crier" also came as a need for us to embrace some values of community development like peace, unity and love which is retarding our growth as families, communities, nations and the world at large. The song was produced by Nyambi Edwin

Kay Innocent Bonwe stage name BONZYZ is a Cameroonian Afro/HipHop artist. BONZYZ is branded as a rapper in his mother tongue Limbum. He also raps very well in English Pidgin as well as in French .As far is Hip Hop Rap Music in concern ,BONZYZ is the major proponents of the sounds, rhythms ,drums and dances of Cameroon. He is currently working on his album of 12songs which features Richard Kings, Awu and many other reputable and great artists to follow

BONZYZ has worked with some music producers and production houses like CFX Music Production, Chillen Music, Zion RECORDS, UniKon enter10ment, Areal Killer Beats. He has also worked with artists like Richard Kings, Awu, Daddy Cool, Ox-B, Berry, Istnab, T-Bertrand, .He owes a great debt of gratitude to these people.

He hails from Ndu in the North West region of Cameroon and holds a professional Bachelors Degree in Business Management. BONZYZ also possesses some Football, Volley Ball and basket ball skills.

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