Découverte : Awu Sing Song la nouvelle étoile de la Musique Camerounaise

Awu est un chanteur / compositeur d'origine camerounaise né le 12 juillet 1992. Passionné par la musique, il  entre dans l'univers musical en 2012, après avoir remporté un grand succès lors des célèbres compétitions inter-écoles de Carton Rouge. Il a fait une collaboration internationale avec l’Américain Colby Jeffers qui lui a ouvert des portes  tant à l’intérieur qu’à l’échelle mondiale. Il a par la suite fait des chansons très populaires comme IF A CAN CAN en 2014, il a composé cette chanson  pour la coupe du monde du Brésil (bien ce titre n'ait jamais donné les fruits qu'il désirait).
En 2016, vient son heure de gloire. Il  fait une chanson NOTRE JEU avec Gaelle Achiri, dans le cadre de la Coupe d'Afrique des Nations feminine. La chanson est devenue virale et a été nominée comme hymne de cette prestigieuse compétition malheureusement  la chanson de Charlotte Dipanda avec Richard Kings soit devenue la chanson officielle produite par Plaza Music.

Après la sortie de sa chanson SIDOMINA en debut d'année, produite par Phil Bill Beats et Adah Akenji qui a fait une magnifique vidéo, la chanson  à été bien accueillie par les fans du monde entier, notamment lors de la fameuse tournée de Davido intitulée 30 billion World Tour qui a eu lieu  le 17 mars 2018.

Recemment Awu a invité Stanley Enow alias The King Kong pour un featuring du remix de Sidomina
La video ci desous

Awu annonce la sortie officiel de son prochain  album dans la quelle le Tube Sidomina   vas figurer .


Video Alert: Tirajai Drops another banger Fine by me official video

After releasing his debut EP, THE DIARY, Tirajai dropped another cultural breathtaking single few days later, a folklore masterpiece titled “Lii Wong” which didn’t pull only listeners from his native Nso clan but every African that listened to it. Releasing today, the official video of FINE BY ME a song for my guys who know how to play the game of love,  Though based U.S.A the love prophet's song was produced by one of Cameroon’s renown producers, Dijay Karl and shot in a beautiful field in Down Town Dallas by the very best, Christian Baez.

FINE BY ME official video is a very colourful and romantic video just as its lyrics. Even though Tirajai has been releasing love songs of great magnitude, this melody is prove that he is gradually crossing over from being called a B-list artist to an A-List artiste. The song is a love confession, a repertoire of love words composed in satisfaction of finding a life companion. I'm inviting you to Watch, share, like and find your  lover for those who are still single😊!


Mel B Akwen changes the 237 game with her recent video

After the successful  released of frappé ,Kamel Empire's Diva Mel B Akwen is back to the musical scene with an explosive musical project she named BELLA a song which I believe will soon  be a HIT

#Bella is a mid-tempo Afro/Pop song, by the Cameroonian songstress, Mel,b Akwen.The song is produced by Emile Ngoumba of M1 Studio and the video is directed by Fabien Nguemo of FN Company.

#Bella from the French word "Belle",means beautiful.#Bella depicts the point in the life of a hustler, when there is a switch from poor to rich. That is when you see and feel a change in how the public sees and perceives you.

#Bella is success and Mel B Akwen wishes success to
you all.
Click below to watch the movie like video

For bookings, interviews, or inquiries of any kind, please contact Mr Kibu Mbunkur through


Video: Tr Shine Releases Video Titled Mixed Feelings Featuring No Crime

Uprising Bamenda based Cameroonian artiste Tr Shine, has released a single titled 'Mixed Feelings', Featuring singer and song producer No Crime. The Video is directed and shot by Goddy Pro, and features the splendid Saddle Hill Ranch Hotel in Bafut
The song is an afro beat tune with ragga undertones which talks about a complex relationship where the singer expresses his mixed feelings over his lover, if she loves him for the money or simply just for love.

Click below to watch the video


AMBITION est le tout nouveau bébé de l'artiste Camerounais YORIDAY

C'est une chanson qui promeut les valeurs de travail, d'effort, de détermination comme conditions de réussite dans la vie. A travers ce chef-d'œuvre, l'artiste interpelle la jeunesse Camerounaise et Africaine à ne jamais baisser les bras et à se battre pour mériter une place au soleil.

 Dans un savant mélange de rythmes oscillant entre afro beat, afro pop, afro RnB et sonorités tradi-modernes, AMBITION est une véritable invite au dépassement de soi. Entre son fond utile et sa forme agréable, voici une chanson qui a tout pour entraîner les mélomanes dans une ambiance festive tout en éveillant les consciences. Laissez-vous donc transporter dans le monde plein d'AMBITION de Yoriday.
Ecoutez ce Hit qui sera bientôt un Tube


Reniss featuring Jovi . Night Life video is out

Reniss releases her new video “Night Life” featuring Jovi. After spending 2017 performing across Africa and Europe, Reniss releases her second video from her 2018 EP Express Vol. 1.“Night Life” is produced by Le Monstre in his signature Mboko style, and directed by the inimitable Ndukong. Singing in English, French, Pidgin, and Nguemba, Reniss continues to consistently bring original, multifaceted music to the African scene and beyond. Watch Reniss’ “Night Life” featuring Jovi 
Click below to watch the video



STYLEEN SESSOKO says the break is over and it's time for Business

 Lache Gerard Agbor better known by his stage name STYLEEN SESSEKO, is a Cameroonian rapper, recording artist and entrepreneur.

He is the founder of Black Pot Records an emerging production unit with a foundation driving towards its establishment. He possesses great entrepreneurial skills which can be seen through his creation of the “PRIMITIV” fashion brand which bears a slogan “The Origin Of Now.”


He was born in Yaoundé, Centre region of Cameroon, STYLEEN SESSEKO comes from a well to do middle class family. His dad was a state medical doctor while his mum was a legal practitioner. At the age of 2 he relocated to Bamenda, North West region with his parents and then to Bafoussam (West region of Cameroon) the city that saw him nurse a musical career.


During the early days he started listening to hard-core hip hop and got inspired writing his own lyrics in 1996.

He did a good number of life stage performances, raw freestyle lyrical battles as well with other college mates within the city of Bafoussam. He was known as the poisonous lyricist with remarkable punch lines used against his competitors.

In 2003 NESCAFE organised the NESCAFE African Revelations nationwide which gave STYLEEN SESSEKO the gateway to compete with others within his city/community and within the country at large. He was selected as the best candidate in Bafoussam, proceeded at the national level and was declared the best lyricist nationwide.

Haven being declared best lyricist and winner of the very first NESCAFE African revelations 2003 at the national level, he was given the opportunity to represent his country (Cameroon) at the NESCAFE African Revelation competition held in Dakar-Senegal.

He has proven himself tough, lyrically complete with well-constructed and inspiring punch lines, he works with time and brings into the game a re-awakening spirit each time he emerges. He rejuvenated the national musical scene in 2004 with the release of “JEALOUS ONES” an unchallengeable album and fruit from NESCAFE AFRICAN REVELATION, fit enough to stand the test far ahead of that époque. His very first video was “WAITING FOR LOVE” a commercial piece embedded within the JEALOUS ONES album which till this day instils great and unforgettable moments of memory in the minds of several fans.


Humble, composed, down to earth with great listening and entrepreneurial skills he emerges today with a powerful and unique single entitled “I NO BI KNOW”(Meaning in the Cameroonian Anglo-Saxon lingua franca as translated into English “I NEVER KNEW”) a melange of reviving surface melodies, solid classical African kicks, unbeatable punch lines and a memorable chorus at specific intervals.

He makes use of children in his chorus to create some uniqueness within his craft. This hit piece/single is currently creating unrest nationwide since its release few days back.

Below is the video just for your viewing pleasure…

Watch, like, comment and above all share!


Blanche Bailly Abandoned in Ivory Coast

 Cameroon's finest Artist  Blanche Bailly was solicited to perform at a concert on 14th of February at Sofitel in Abidjan capital of Ivory Coast and on the 17th at Riviera Palmaraire.
She arrived  Ivory Coast on the eve of the event (13 February) and everything went on well as planned Till on the day of the event when the promoter didn't make any sale of the concert's tickets .

Because of this , the show promoters ran away , cancelled the show and decided not to pay Blanche Bailey nor her flight tickets and Hotel Bills
Blanche Bailey and her team tried to get into contact with the promoter through phone call but to no avail.
It is worth noting that FRANKO and DAPHNÉ werevictims of this same fiasco.
Let's wait for B.B as she will be back on Wednesday
Safe Journey
Source INSTA-VIDEO👇👇👇👇👇👇


Music Alert: Maahlox released a new song


Music Alert: Sathom J signs his come back to the musical scene

Sathom J was born and raised in Bertoua by his parents Samkoumbele Gaston and Mengue Monique
He grew up listening to bikutsi and was influenced by Mpande Star who really impacted his lifestyle at the age of 17  when he  started writing his own lyrics.
Some years after Sathom J dropped school and went into Auto mechanic training. During his training over there ,the Artist didn't stop doing what he loves most which is music
At the age of 20 he obtained his driving license then worked at Hysacam as driver where he impressed his boss on stage during the labour day celebration
In 2015 he left hysacam for  for Sogea Satom .

                                                              Back to business now !

We are now in 2018 and Sathom J rebrands his music with an explosive comeback to the musical scene.
The song which will serve as transition is titled "circoncier" produced by Douala based and most popular sound Engineer Chegue Blaise .  Believe me Sathom J is going to revolutionize the music industry in Cameroon.
Click below and listen to "Circoncier"

                      24 January 2018 marks the entry of good music to your playlist


Music: Dyllann Releases Three Singles Off his Upcoming Album Titled Reinvention

Divine N Verkijika known by his stage name Dyllann is a Cameroonian artiste and social entrepreneur. The 26 year old started his music career in 2007 then known as Street Jay when he released his first official single titled “I love you” which gained him substantial influence back in his home region and around the country, since then he released a dozen other singles till 2012 when he halted his public music career in favor of community development projects.

In 2017 he rebranded himself, and changed his name to Dyllann while transforming his music from pure afrobeat to pop. Releasing his transition song “Check Sense” and featuring on top local media platforms as well as performing at key events including the Cliq Urban Festival alongside the biggest names in Cameroon music industry

He has released part one of his upcoming #reinvention Album consisting of 3 singles (Appreciate, Bang Bang and Man No Pass Man)  which he describes as a clear definition of who he is as an artiste. The rest of the Album will continue to be released in parts.

The songs are recorded by DJ W aka Large Pro and released independently in affiliation with Chubah Music and Kamer Expression.



Direct Download (dropbox)

Follow on Twitter @Iamdyllann 


Vibes: Discover Skiezy Ayenkea

Skiezy Ayenkea is a Rapper and singer and belongs to a group called Nascent Boyz with his partner Parker who started their musical career in the early 2000. He is currently living in Dubai but still stays close to 237. He hails from Bonaberi- Douala precisely Nkomba- Mabanda.. He has been part of  couple of music shows in Douala and Buea. Music has always been his first wifey and he is not relenting his effort to live his footprint in the industry. With his crew, they have worked with great producers like Z-Lex, DEA the Busker, Slim Beat, Djudi etc.

 of the songs they have released and you can find on Soundcloud are; Climax ft Why Tomah; First Lady ft Cervel Ganster; I be don tell you; Trap , Ali Bomaye, VENALEALEN which is in Lamnso and means watch him. He just released a double cover title ''A yoo yi moomi'' he brings in Versace of Ebako and Devil No Di sleep of Jovi... Presently we are working on an Album with my crew Nascent Boyz which will be out next year  tittle The Chase
Click below and watch one of his recently released cover

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